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Chairman's speech

Thanks to the care and support from all walks of life, Shandong Henglian New Materials Co.,Ltd. has gone through more than 20 years’ memorable days. I would express my sincere appreciation to the new and old friends who fully support our company’s development on behalf of our company staff.

As the backbone of Cellulose film industry in China, Shandong Henglian New Materials Co.,Ltd. has been adhering to the enterprise’s core values that “value originates from innovation and standardization results in harmony” since it was established in 1988. We develop new cellulose film products and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights energetically, focusing on providing eco-friendly packaging materials for human society development. After more than 20 years of innovative development, the company has been among the top three lists in the world cellulose film industry and has become China’s professional cellulose film manufacturer with the best comprehensive strength and the largest cellulose film-exporting base.

Copenhagen World Climate Conference in 2009 brought us into the time of low-carbon life. “Low-carbon, eco-friendly” has become a significant topic to the human society in the process of achieving sustainable development. Cellulose film made from natural cellulose —known as the first ideal green eco-friendly packaging material in the world —provides an effective solution to this topic with its unique characteristic of fast self-degradation. We have no reason to doubt that cellulose film will get rejuvenate in this low-carbon revolution and become the “low-carbon packaging queen”.

Facing new opportunities and challenges, we will continue to promote the enterprise spirit that “ Eyeshot decides careers and struggle surpasses dreams” with confidence and comply with the social concept that “Environment protection creates value and technology benefits society”. Forge ahead to make proper contributions for people to enjoy the low-carbon life.