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Public responsibility

The company mainly adopts the following methods

1.Entrusting environmental monitoring unit with regular monitoring of various types of pollution sources and timely prediction of insidious threats possibly caused by current pollutant emission.

2.Fixing on-line monitoring instruments of boiler waste gas and real-time monitoring concentration of smoke and gas to ensure reaching the emission standard.

3.Carrying out environmental impact assessments on new project, comprehensively evaluating possible environmental problems after operation of the project, and meanwhile proposing measures to prevent and control.

4.Find hidden danger of special facilities in time by inspection of Quality and Technology Supervision Sector, and actively take measures for rectification to ensure safety in production. 5.Emphasizing all kinds of safety education and training, improving safety consciousness, safety manipulative skills, and hazard identification ability of employees, defining and correcting kinds of unsafe behaviors to reduce accidents.

Ethical conduct

Our company always adheres to the enterprise philosophy “integrity-based”, promotes corporate credit construction, carries out spiritual civilization, strengthens education of employees’ professional ethics, and enhances credit sense of employees to make credit as the conscious behavior of employees, which lay a solid ideological and ethical foundation for company’s sustainable development and improve the enterprise credit reputation continuously.The company was awardedthe title of“AAA”grade credit enterprise in 2005, and has been honored with  “Model unit of laborsecurityandcredibility” for many years.

The Process, Index and Method of Monitoring the Behaviors

Internal companyIllegal and criminal rate of employeesObey strictly relevant laws and rules and formulate institutions like work regulations and conduct rules of employees etc.Relevant laws and regulations of the State
Partners like customers, suppliers etc.Contract performing rateStrictly implementing the contractTerms of contract
Delivering goods and paymentPayment is exercised by electronic informationInformation system
Paying taxes conditionsReinforcing capital budget management to ensure full taxes fulfilledTax system
Bank credit levelStrictly abide by related laws and regulationsBanking system
EPEnvironmental protectionStrictly abide by  related laws and rulations ,work out management standards of EP and occupational hygieneEnvironmental protection system

Sustainable Development

"Environmental protection creates value and science and technology benefits the society" is our sustainable development goal. From source material selection, to production and manufacturing, to the company's operation, Henglian New Materials has always adhered to the concept of "ecological priority and green development", rooted its own development in the common development of society and environment, and made efforts to connect enterprise achievements with social progress.It is committed to further shaping an efficient and sustainable future in the packaging field, and building a beautiful China with practical actions.