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Enterprise VI

We exist for creating Value

For clients, for employees, for shareholders and for society

Persisting in innovation is inevitable to ensure the realization of value

Harmony is our unremitting pursuit

Only in harmony can we develop, co-exist and co-prosper

Our company respects Norms and rules


Enterprise core idea

Enterprise Mission   Provide the best products and services in the worldwide cellulose film field

Enterprise Vision     Continuously striving to become No. 1 enterprise in the worldwide cellulose 

Core Values              Value originates from innovation and standardization results in harmony

Enterprise Spirit      Eyeshot decides careers and struggle surpasses dreams

Enterprise Style       Do our best and action speaks louder than words


Ten Ideas of Enterprises

【Talent Concept】            Attach importance to morality and talents ,Appoint talents on their merits

【Brand Concept 】           Take value as the base and distinctiveness as the soul

【Social Concept】            Environment protection creates value and technology benefits society

【Competition Concept】 Lead the first with value, success by efficiency to reach win-win

【Quality Concept】          Improve the value of products persistently and surpass the needs of customers

【Crisis Concept】             Thinking in advance and solve problems by development

【Team Concept】             Cohesion creates power and unity realizes dreams

【ustomer Concept】        Contact customers closely.

【Learning Concept】        Learn to use and share to improve together

【Cost Concept】               It is the biggest saving to do things correctly once.