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Manufactured by Natural Cellulose with High-Tech

Cellophane also known as "regenerated cellulose film", is a cellulose film made from natural cellulose such as wood pulp and cotton pulp through chemical processes such as alkalization, yellowing and molding.It is different from ordinary paper. It is not only flexible, but also transparent, just like glass, so people call it "cellophane".And it is a turly degradable material.

Characteristics of cellophane

  • Non-toxic and Tasteless

  • High Transparency

  • High Glossof

  • Excellent Tensile Strength

  • Excellent Scalability

  • High Temperature Resistance

  • Moisture and Oil Proof

  • Rapidly Degradable

  • High Environmental Property

  • No Static Electricity and Dust


As lining paper and decorative packaging paper, cellophane is widely used in the packaging field of food, medicine, cosmetics, high-grade ready-made clothing, precision instruments, batteries, fishing rods and other products.