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Features -BIO- RCM™-K- Film



Product brief introduction

A kind of high barrier heat sealing regenerated cellulose film, coated with PVDC emulsion on one side or both sides.

Product Description

Product Features

Heat-sealable on both sides;   Excellent barrier to water vapour, gases and aromas;
Inherent anti-static properties;    Resistant to oils and greases;
Both sides of the film are equally receptive to inks, adhesives and tear-tapes; Excellent gloss and transparency; 
Excellent dead-fold characteristics;Food contact; 
Based on renewable wood pulp; 

Product Standard

Sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Applied Range

30-33gsm are suitable for use as a single film or in laminate structures for overwrapping and form-fill-seal packaging.

38-53gsm are generally used as a single film for medium to large packs on vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal machines. Particularly suitable for the packaging of snack foods, cereals, confectionery and other hygroscopic products.

53-60gsm are suitable for use as a single film for heavy duty packaging, tear-tapes, etc.

Storage Condition

To maintain the high quality of this product during storage it is recommended that RCF should be stored in its original wrapping away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight.

Recommended conditions of storage are:

Temperature: 17-23°C

Relative Humidity:35-55%

Cellophane XS is suitable for use for 6 months from the date of delivery and stocks should be used in rotation.

Films should be allowed to reach operating room temperatures for 24 hours before use.

Health and Safety Guidelines

For Health and Safety information, please refer to for MSDS of related products.